Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nokia N800 and iGo Traveller Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard

I got my Nokia N800 the other day, and also purchased the iGo Stowaway bluetooth keyboard on Ebay. Their web site doesn't mention N800 compatibility, but enough resources suggested that both the iGo and the N800 are HID compliant that it was worth a go.

After unpacking and putting the batteries in, the next step was to pair the 2.

First you go into the control panel on the N800, and with 2007 firmware (2008 is different), select 'Hardware Keyboard'. Make sure 'Generic 105-key PC' and 'English USA' are selected. If you try to select a different keyboard layout (I tried initially tried English (United Kingdom)) when you pair you will get a 'pairing failed, device resources exceeded' message.

Then go to the Bluetooth panel of your N800 and search for new devices.

Make the keyboard is discoverable by pressing 'CTRL and BOTH Fn' Keys until the green LED flashes.

It finds the Stowaway keyboard, offers to pair and gives you a code. Click OK on the N800, and then on the keyboard, hold down Left FN + number keys to type in the code. Press Left FN + Enter.

The N800 is now paired.

The very nice thing about having a bluetooth keyboard is that when you want to enter text on the N800 it doesn't use 1/3 of the screen as a soft keyboard.

Update: You can also use the iGo with a bluetooth enabled Apple Mac. Instructions
from my Macbook Pro here


Rhett Soveran said...

Thank you so much for your walkthrough. This was fantastic. I was going to freak out if this keyboard didn't work because I had already tried a Palm version.

Thanks again!

Bogdan Melinceanu said...

Thank you very much for your post. I found it really helpful as didn't find quickly how to proceed to pair N800 with this keyboard.

Stewart Midwinter said...

say, this post was helpful in allowing me to pair the keyboard to an Apple Intel Mac. Not that it needs it, but I wanted to try it all the same!

Unknown said...

My pleasure! BTW this is the link to the post about Macs and the iGo

iPad Mini Stylus said...

loving your blog, keep it up, as always!