Saturday, December 29, 2007

Apple Mac OSX with Bluetooth iGo Traveller Stowaway

Since the iGo Bluetooth keyboard is HID compliant, you can also use it with a Mac with OSX.

The process is quite straight forward. Start the discover process, and follow the instructions.

If it asks what kind of keyboard it is, if you take the instructions on finding the keys literally it will not complete the process.

Instead press the 'z' key and then instead of the '?' without a modifier, press 'shift + ?'.

The wizard asks what kind of keyboard it is, I selected 'ANSI (United States and Others)' and the wizard completed OK.

The keyboard works fine. The 'alt' key works exactly like a regular keyboard; the 'cmd' key is the 'apple' key. You even get a proper 'delete' key for forward delete.


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