Saturday, January 5, 2008

Apple Mac OSX, keyboard shortcut to lock screen

A common question from switchers to OSX from another operating system, is how they lock the screen with a keyboard shortcut.

There is no built in method, but there is a free addon that does it for you: LockTight which you can get here

Update: I accidently deleted the startup item to make LockTight available on start. I discovered that you can replace it by navigating to:

~/Library/PreferencePanes/LockTight then right click or CTRL click, select 'show package contents' then go to Contents/Resources and look for 'SleepTightAgent'.

If you place this in StartUp items it will be available from startup.


Mark Wheadon said...

Hi - I've documented another approach here:

locking your screen under osx



Unknown said...

I created a simpler way to lock your session, based on the idea of LockTight: Just type "Shift-CMD-L"

Check out my program:


Chris said...

Better yet, why not help build a keyboard locking application for Mac OS X:

Anonymous said...

Well, you can also ALT+CMD+EJECT which will send the mac to sleep. This locks the screen (if you have password set) and save on battery/power.

The system wakes up again if you touch the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Shift-Ctrl-Eject just puts your display to sleep - it is the same as the screensaver activating, so if your screensaver requires a password, you have locked your screen.

It doesn't put the Mac to sleep, so doesn't impact on performance