Sunday, March 30, 2008

Picasaweb - automating inserting EXIF data into the Caption

I am mid building project, and its nice to use Picasaweb to show progress. What I want is that the time lapse sequence will have the EXIF Date as its Caption, because when you upload the taken data gets hidden on the right hand side of the album window.

To solve this I used iPhoto and EXIFTool from Phil Harvey.

First I imported into iPhoto, rotated and enhanced etc. Then I exported a month at a time into a named folder - each month would be its own album in Picasaweb.

Then I installed EXIFTool and ran the following command

exiftool "-exif:createdate>caption-abstract" *

Then I drag into the Picasaweb uploader, and upload to the correct album.

Job done!

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