Saturday, April 12, 2008

Getting started with the Nikon D300, and useful links.

My Nikon D300 has arrived, along with its 421 page manual. There's a bewildering array of options, and the manual doesn't tell you _what_ a feature does, only what features and settings are available.

So I'm collating some links and additional information. After going through these links I mostly get it, apart from the autofocus system.

Still need persuading? Read the DPReview.

Have a look at the Nikon D300 special site.

DWM on Nikonians has created a spreadsheet of all the available options. No explanations though.

Get any firmware and software updates from Nikon Europe.

The D300 supports a lot of older Nikon and Nikkor lens. See which ones here on Nikonians.

PDF manual here. It has printable and non-printable versions - to get the printable version you will need your D300 serial number.

If the official manual doesn't do much for you, you can get a third party one, such as the one by Thom Hogan. Thom also has an excellent review of the D300.

Thom has quite a go at the menu system, and I can see why. The way of selecting things changes depending on what you are selecting. Try changing the Photo Information and NEF 12/14 bits, by way of comparison.

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