Monday, April 14, 2008

Upgrading from a Nikon D70 to a Nikon D300

Having taken the decision to get a Nikon D300 as an upgrade and replacement for my D70, I am seeing quite a few differences as you would expect.

In no particular order:

  1. The screen. The D300 allows you to zoom right in
  2. File sizes. I always used raw+jpeg on the D70. I surveyed the files sizes generated from a trip to Switzerland (a small sample of pictures) and found that NEFs averaged 5.29Mb with a standard deviation of .29Mb, while the jpeg averaged 746Kb with a standard deviation of 52Kb. I don't have enough history on the D300 (yet), so I took these numbers from the manual: 14 bit cmpressed NEF - 16.7Mb, jpeg (normal) - 2.9Mb. So the 'combo' file size has gone from about 6Mb to about 20Mb.
  3. CF card required. If the combo file size has gone from 6Mb to 20Mb then you need 3.5x card size to get the same number of photos per card. I got a 2Gb so I should get ~100 per card. The odd thing is that Nikon's own numbers on page 402 don't add up. ie how is that 14 bit lossless NEF at 16.7Mb fits 75 on a 2Gb card, the same as uncompressed 14 bit NEF at 25.3Mb. Longer term I am going to shoot 14 bit NEF compressed, so I'll get some history.
  4. Grid lines. You'll probably want to turn these on - page 281 (Framing grid)
  5. Display more information about the pictures - choose your options - page 250 in the manual
  6. Bracketing. There's no autobracket ie one press takes all the pictures required. Set up bracketing from page 118
More as I find them

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