Saturday, May 10, 2008

Selective sharing of Google Sites outside your domain

Google Sites does not have ACLs yet, so in the meantime here is a way to selectively share a site outside your domain.

Part 1: The person you want to share your site with needs to go to the Team Edition web site at and sign up. NB I haven't tested freebie webmail accounts other than gmail - you cannot use a address.

When they get the confirmation email tell them to click the link,
follow it through and they will get the dashboard logon.

Part 2: When they tell you this is done,
you share out your site with this other account. Personally I would select 'viewer' for them.

You copy the URL from the site you are sharing, and send it them. When they load it they get this screen:

Part 3: They click on 'sign in with a different account' and put in their Team Edition credentials into the box labelled "Enter your email address", NOT the box above! Then press 'go'.

and they get the Site.

If you revoke their share permission they will get a denied page:

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