Monday, May 19, 2008

Swisscom 3G vs Bluetooth vs Apple OSX

In a previous post I blogged how to get the combination of Nokia N73 bluetooth Vodafone and 3g going.

I find myself in Switzerland for a couple of weeks, so I needed to repeat using Swisscom. Through roaming I could just connect, but then there would be a very high data cost.

So I got a Swisscom sim and put that in my N73. The first thing that happened was that I got about 15 SMS messages telling me how to set up my phone for Swisscom. Well that was not required. So I hunted around to see what the dial-up settings are. I couldn't find any at all.

After some trial and error including 3 hard freezes, I got a setting that works:

Number: web
Account Name: gprs
Password: gprs

Then click 'Advanced'

Vendor: Nokia
Model: GPRS (GSM / 3G)
CID: 1

Click OK, then Apply and then Connect and you should be good to go.


Sam said...

Thanks for the post - but I'm afraid it didn't seem to work with my MacBook/HTC Touch HD/Swisscom. If I find a solution for my phone I will post it in my blog.

(if someone is looking for the anser, search for "swisscom" in my blog - maybe by then you'll find the answer there - I hope!)

Unknown said...


In what way doesn't work? Doesn't connect, or connects but no data flow?


MercuryCube said...

Thanks for hte info!!! it worked beautifully for me!!!