Friday, June 27, 2008

Slow motion / speeding up with Quicktime Pro

Usually if you want to slow mo or speed up a clip you need a full editor eg Final Cut. Thats expensive for an occasional requirement.

There is a way to do this usng only Quicktime Pro.

Say your movie lasts 30 seconds, but you want to stretch it to 1 minute.

1 - create a new empty movie from file>new player

2 - in your source, select all and the select copy

3 - swith to the new player and paste, and then paste again

this gives you a 1 minute movie, but everything doubled.

4 - in the new player do apple-j, click on the video track, and press delete

5 - switch back to the source and copy again

6 - switch back to the new player and this time from the edit menu select "add to selection & scale"

This causes your pasted movie to be stretch (scaled) to the length of the new player, which we made double.


Anonymous said...

Amazing. Thanks, very very useful.

Unknown said...

Glad it worked for you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!!!!! Thanks very much.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

that is amazing, thank you... i was peeved when they removed this function from iMovie... this is an even better way to do it. THANK YOU.

Unknown said...

Get with the program - you can vary the playback speed between 0.5 and 3x by using the Show A/V Controls pop-up from the Window menu.

Unknown said...

you _can_ do this, but QTs attempt to keep the audio frequency the same gives some really wierd results, and its not making the longer / shorter, just playing it faster/slower.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! and Amazing and Wonderful.

Unknown said...

no problems!

IJ said...


Marti said...

how do you speed up a video. Say the video lasts 30 seconds and you want it to play in ten, really fast?

Unknown said...

do nearly the same.

Start with your source, and do a save as. Then cut it in half. Then delete the video track.

Go back to your source, select all and copy.

Back to the cut movie, and do 'add to selection and scale'. This makes the movie half the length, but gives you an extra sound track, so delete the first sound track and you're done.



Anonymous said...

this is great!

My video was too fast and I had to use .5x, still too fast.
Now I can slow it down to .25x!

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Awesomeness, thanks for sharing the love.

Anonymous said...

Rock on! This is super helpful for quick & dirty quicktime editing!

Calyx Ann said...

Thanks for getting my brain moving in a different direction! I was trying to figure out how to speed up my video, but could only think of the sliders...that just doesn't work if you're trying to edit!!

Shado said...

Thank You so much. It helped me lot.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much! I was able to do multiple pastes to the new video file then delete the video track then paste in a single scaled to selection copy and get a super slowdown for an onboard rocket movie camera!