Saturday, July 5, 2008

Nokia N800 - flashing from OSX

Flashing your Nokia Internet Tablet 770, N800, N810 from OSX is not formally supported, however, it can b done using a 3rd party piece of software, from

  1. ensure your tablet is off. You can have it connected to your USB.
  2. download the file 770Flasher-2.0.dmg
  3. open and drag the application to your applications folder
  4. download the latest .bin file for your model from
  5. double click the flasher application and when it asks open the .bin file you downloaded from Nokia
Turn on the tablet and watch the messages as the image loads to the 770/N800/N810 after which it reboots automatically.


If the host doesn't see the tablet on boot then try removing the memory cards. For me at first it wouldn't. I removed the cards and it went through no problem.

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