Sunday, August 31, 2008

MSI Wind / Advent 4211 Wireless issues solved

From previous blogs, I'd been having problems with the wireless not connecting to a WPA network. Unencrypted worked fine. Don't know about WEP since I don't run it.

It seemed to me it was possibly a wireless card problem, since running WPA involves the OS pushing code to the card, and I'd noticed that the card was 'unknown'. So after trying a few things, one day while browsing ebay I saw a genuine Apple Airport card, for the grand sum of £10. Bought it, fitted, and now I'm on WPA.

So my previous suggestion to get the Broadcom 1490 based card I would now revise to get a genuine Apple Airport, if you can. I'm sure that there are 3rd party ie non Apple branded cards that work OK with WPA.

Update: Found this link to some possible options on ebay


Anonymous said...

Was that an Airport card, or an Airport Extreme card you got? I guess an A-Ex card?

Unknown said...

Its an Apple Airport Extreme mini PCI-E, I think.