Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nokia Maps 'waiting for device' 'unable to read all information'

So you've read my adventures with Nokia Map Loader, well it turns out that v2 should be able to load maps from PC Suite when the phone is in PC Suite mode.

Well maybe. If you launch Map Loader and it just sits there saying “waiting for device” then you need to delete a directory on the SD card in the phone.

OK, you say. But check the directory. Its where the maps are. So the advice is delete the maps and download them all over. Grrrrr!

From Nokia forums, posted by Nokia person:

- People having problems with “waiting for device” or “Unable to read all information…”, you could try the following:

1. make sure you have maps 1.2 wk30 or later (or 2.0)
2. connect the device in mass storage mode, it will show up as a drive in windows
3. delete the folder E:\Private\20001f63 (including sub folders)
4. start maps on the device once, it will recreate the folder in a different location
5. connect the device in pc suite mode and start maploader

Yes, great. I'll connect in Mass Storage mode, thank you!


Anonymous said...

Very useful! Just completed on my N82 with success. Thx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanksss!! Works great!

Anonymous said...

Great it works!

keep it alive!

Anonymous said...

dont forget to delete the 'cities' folder, if it's available. mine E65 now works!

Anonymous said...

Would be GREAT, if I had a folder named "E:\Private\20001f63", would be even greater if Nokia maps didn't take 5 minutes to start up, would be the greatest of all if Nokia GMBH would test if this software worked in the real world before releasing it.

Unknown said...

LOL indeed, but IT companies aren't like that, in the real world :-)