Saturday, August 23, 2008

OSX ethernet problems on MSI Wind / Advent 4211

One of the final problems to be resolved in my mac-inating my MSI Wind / Advent 4211 was that although the Realtek ethernet adapter showed up in the Network control panel. its status was always 'Not Connected', even though the cable is known to be good.

After investigation it turns out that the issue is an auto-negotiation error. To fix I clicked on the ethernet adapter, selected 'advanced' and then the 'ethernet' tab. I changed 'automatically' to 'manual', and then went to the lowest common denominator which is 10baseT and half-duplex.

Click OK and the apply, and it connected and got an IP. From there I worked through the various ethernet combinations.


Unknown said...

I found my 2.4 GHz Mac Pro 10.5.6 has the same problem. Setting to 10bastT half-duplex assures the corect ip address is aquired and connectivity is achieved.

Unknown said...

Yes, its annoying!

I've found that if the ethernet lead is plugged in from boot, then it'll get a propper connection.

If you can't do this, then after the workaround I mentioned, you can try a faster setting. I can run 100BT full duplex.


Anonymous said...

Super! That worked for me. The Ralink WiFi software is pretty crappy, so it's nice to finally have a functional ethernet ^_^

Unknown said...

Glad it helped!


Coops said...

That's great, it work for me too! Well done, gold star for you :)

Blaine K said...

worked for me too. thx

Unknown said...

Thank you! It worked on my u120.