Sunday, October 26, 2008

Microsoft Webmaster Tools and Blogger

Lots of people who run a blog also use other Google tools such as Analytics and Webmaster tools. I was curious to see what Microsoft had to offer.

You go to and sign in using your Windows Live credentials, and then you can start the process.

You need to choose the meta tag option. So get this and then in Blogger go to Layout> Edit HTML add it right after the "head" tag.

The tools themselves are somewhat rudimentary, and the documentation is laughable. Obviously I wanted to know where to place their meta tag. The process of getting a meta tag does not tell you where to put it. So I looked at

In the FAQ it mentions "How does Live Search know that I own a site?" and the talks about using a .xml file or a meta tag to show you own the site. And then it says "Use the to submit or update your verification method."

Umm use the what? This whole project seems to not have a name. This happens elsewhere. For example "Once you have decided on your verification method, use the to make sure Live Search knows what it is."

What am I supposed to be using??

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