Thursday, January 22, 2009

Android - adding Three APN for Internet

Android - adding Three APN for Internet.

The Android is supplied with T-Mobile APNs which is no good if you're on Three.

To get Three, go to Settings > Wireless Control > Mobile Networks (its right down at the bottom).

Press Access Point Names then press Menu and select New APN. Press in each field and set each like this:
    Name - three
    Apn -
    proxy - not set
    port - not set
    Username - not set
    Password - not set
    Server - not set
    MMSC - not set
    MMS proxy - not set
    MMS port - not set
    MCC - 234
    MNC - 20
    APN type - not set

And you should be set. While you're in there if you travel you might want to disable roaming else you're data bill will arrive in s shoebox! Unless you don't pay the bill of course ;-)


Unknown said...


I know this post is a little old but i'm pulling my hair out trying to get the Android G1 working on Three in the UK.

I was given the Android by a friend but have no T-Mobile SIM.

I got the phone unlocked, put my Three SIM in and tried to log in to Google. When that didn't work, I found this post (after much trawling), hit the menu button and substituted the T Mobile default APN with your replacement. No joy unfortunately but because I don't have a T-mobile SIM. I couldn't get to the APN menu the way you suggested and create an entirely new one...

Will it ever work?

Hope you can help and thanks for creating such a useful blog!

Unknown said...


Is this a phone that is locked to T-Mobile?

Unknown said...

It was but it has been unlocked. I can see the signal strength bar picking up signal with the 3 SIM in place but I just can't get into my google account....

Unknown said...

Did you create a brand new setting, rather than modify an existing one?

Unknown said...

I did but it didn't work. tried it with a T-Mobile Pay as You Go and i'm more problems!

The phone is only running RC7 OS. Tried updating to Cupcake/Donut but get an error . I figure i'm supposed to update to each successive version rather than 'jump' from oldest to this correct?

If so, i'm finding it really hard to find opertional download links for the old versions of the OS.

I thought i'd be clever, put a T-Mobile pay as you go SIM in and speak to customer services so they'd send the updates I needed.BAD MOVE. They told me I shouldn't have the phone on Pay As You Go. I took the SIM out straight away, but am still a little worried that a message could be sent out to lock the this possible?

So to sum up, what's the best way to update from RC7 to Donut? and, am I in danger of having the phone locked altogether now T-Mobile knows i'm using it outside their normal Data tariffs/on a different network?

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

you sure like to live dangerously!

Anonymous said...

works like a charm - great!

Anonymous said...

I know this is out of date, but when I went from Orange to 3, I had to phone 3 up and they zapped my phone remotely in some way to get the data working.

It's worth calling 3, if anyone e;se has a similar problem.

Anonymous said...

i ahce the simialr problem but mine is unlocked from america and i put a 3 sim and tried to use the internet but its so slow, and test the speed and its runs at 1.7kbs, slower than dial-up, ive put in apn details and ive done everything and i know its connected and the sign shows G but not 3G, help!