Friday, February 6, 2009

Share your Nokia 3G over WiFi

Share your Nokia 3G over WiFi.

So I got an iPod Touch and its rather cool. But its only connectivity is Wireless LAN. If you also have a Nokia 3G phone with WiFi it would be really cool to internet share from 3G to Wireless LAN.

Well you can, and there are two applications that will do this.

There's Joikuspot, available in light (free) version, and a Premium version for €15. The light version supports only http/s really. The Premium supports most protocols, including, they say, VPN.

Alternatively there's WalkingHotSpot (update: now dead) which has a time-based pricing plan. 7 days is free, 1 month is $6.99 and forever is $24.99.

One thing to know if that the wireless chips in mobile phones do not support infrastructure mode, only ad-hoc.

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