Sunday, March 22, 2009

Android - Geo-tagging photos part 2

Previously I'd written about the challenges of having the geo-tagged photos taken with your Android uploaded to Picasa with the geo EXIF data. Basically they weren't.

But how do you know if at the time you taken the photo that the GPS has got you a location? Even if you select the option, there is nothing in the display to indicate it.

What you can do as a workaround is to use another GPS application, typically I use cardiotrainer or Google's own MyTracks. When they go into the background they keep the GPS up. So you can switch to the camera and be sure that the location will go into the EXIF data.

But a visual indication would be better.


Anonymous said...

i havent used any android phone my self but according to source of camera app it does show an indicator if geotaggin is on and if GPS signals are available

Unknown said...

on the new HTC Touch, the little click button that is on the screen when taking a photo has a ring around it when the gps location is fixed.