Sunday, April 26, 2009

Airport Express - changing the channel

I needed to change the channel on my Airport Express because the automatic setting had it on the same channel as my neighbours wireless.

To change the channel open the Airport Utility which is in Applications > Utilities on OSX and if it doesn't find your network, scan. Then make sure your device is selected on the left hand pane.

Click Airport, and then wireless, and in the drop down list select a different channel. Try to use one that is 3 or 4 away from any other wireless.

Click update and allow the device to restart.

You can use APGrapher to scan for all the local wireless networks and checks which channel they use.


Martin H. Skjelvareid said...

Super! Just what I was looking for. :-)

portable wireless router said...

great, it really helps someone like me who is not a very computer literate person.

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