Sunday, April 19, 2009

OSX - convert DMG to ISO

If you have OSX Leopard 10.5 then converting from DMG to ISO is very easy, using Disk Utility.

Go to Applications>Utilities and double click Disk Utilty. When it opens you can either drag the DMG into Disk Utility

or, you can click on Convert
and select your image. Then in the Image Format at the bottom select 'DVD/CD Master'

Allow the file to be named .cdr, and when its finished you need to rename the image to .iso


Roy said...

Ug... let me get this straight; a .dmg is a "disk image" file that one can convert to a .cdr using Disk Util and then "magically" convert this to a "disk image", as defined by the International Standards Organization (iso), simply by changing the extension?
Makes sense... an iTunes .m4u media file can magically become an .mp4 by changing the extension as well. One can also make Apples' proprietary iPod/iPad connector plug a standard USB by a change of extension, but it makes one wonder why people bother with standards just to ignore them.

Unknown said...

Yep, thats Apple. Take a standard and rename it eg IEE1394 --> Firewire.

For the .dmg format looks like regular .iso doesn't do what Apple needed

Though I'm with you on the .cdr / .iso thing