Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nokia Maps part IV - downloading maps through Bluetooth

Previously I've had fun with no getting on with the Nokia Maps downloader and bluetooth. After a re-install of Maps on both laptop and Nokia N73, I tried to download a mapset by Bluetooth.

I ensured PC Suite said connected by Bluetooth, launched Maps and it soon said "Updating drive Information for drive E:".

Then I got an error: "Unable to read all the information required for licence purchase from your phone using the current information. Try another connection type (USB or Bluetooth).

Uhhh well I am using Bluetooth, and nothing bad happens if I just click and ignore. Then I'm through to the main interface and off I go. So much easier!

Update on the licence issue: well I still don't know why I get it, ut I now know its to do with the new Services Nokia offer eg City Guides

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