Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Geo-tagging with iPhone and Trails

On a few occasions now I blogged about geo-tagging photos on OSX, uploading to Picasa etc.

I wanted to see if my iPhone can be used as a GPS data logger, and it can. Using the App Store and looking at reviews, I bought Trails. One of its feature is the ability to export the data, either by email, or to a desktop application called TrailRunnerX.

If you do it by email, the file is called "filename.gpx..xml", and will not import into GPSPhotoLinker. You need to remove the excess "..xml" so it becomes "filename.gpx" and then it will.

Update: turns out this is a gmail problem where is adds the bogus ..xml for some reason. Use IMAP to retrieve the email, and it works fine without further work.

If your iPhone and mac are on the same wireless network, there is a direct connection method where the data is sent direct to TrailRunnerX. In pratice I find this hit and miss. It could do with a manual connection method when the presumably broadcast method fails.

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