Friday, September 11, 2009

Google Docs - bulk upload

Here's a cool way to bulk upload to Google Docs. It works with all Google accounts eg plain vanilla gmail ones where your account is as well as Apps accounts where your account is

First, on OSX you need Java 1.6. You see which you have from the Java Preferences application in /applications/utilities. Of course it would be too easy to call it 'Java 1.6'... its Java SE 6

Drag Java Se 6 to the top of the list and then quit Java Prefs - it auto saves.

Second you need to get the Java applet from here

If you have wget you can run

$ wget

Then from the command line you run

$java -jar google-docs-upload-1.2.jar ~/Documents/1test/ --recursive --username

It asks for your password, and then after a few moments, its done.

I did find a couple of weird things.

It doesn't create the enclosing folder, so if upload /docs it won't create docs. You need to have it in a sub folder eg /upload/docs, and it will create the 'docs' folder in which you'll find your docs.

And for some reason it sets the folder on my Mac to be read only.

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