Friday, September 18, 2009

MSI WInd - updating to 10.5.8 on msiwindosx86.iso

So my Wind needed to be updated to 10.5.8. There aren't many instructions around as to what will break, but something always does.

I used Carbon Cloner to clone the HD to another USB drive. Although it wasn't bootable, it was a complete copy including my user profile, apps etc. So if it went horribly wrong I had a backup.

This time, I removed the HD and put into a SATA / USB case. I booted from it, and it booted fine. Then I updated to 10.5.8. And then restarted.

Well it started OK, but, instead of showing the login screen, the screen went weird all scrambled.

So this is why the drive is in an external case!

Shutdown the Wind, connect the drive to another Mac, and remove some items from /system/library/extensions:


rename extensions.kext, restart and off we go.

Checking it seems that Quartz Extreme is not working... don't remember if it was before!

Update: the fix for Quartz Extreme is to re-install CyberGreg's drivers. Google for "MSi OSX86 Upgrade Pack v1.5".

Update 2: I also had the sleep problem. Found "SleepEnabler.kext", installed via kext helper.



Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
That was a great explanation. I used MacDrive 7 to mount my OSX partition in xp and then did the stuff you suggested. It worked like a charm.

Unknown said...

hey do you know how to get external VGA working on the wind...i had it in 10.5.4 and lost it updating to 10.5.7?

Unknown said...

Try going to 10.5.8 and re-installing the drivers... the external VGA works fine for me. I can spam and mirror. The Wind doesn't support lid down mode which is a shame, but I can live with that.

Unknown said...

what exactly does the update have to do with the functionality of the drivers?

Unknown said...

dunno, but it worked for me.

Michael Fielding said...

Great! You've forged a path for me, before I try to do the same thing. Sounds like it's not such a nightmare as other upgrades. I have a similar blog on my *Advent*ures with the 4211 and OS X at It's good to see there are still some of us out there perservering with the original MSIwindosx86.

Thank you!

Ob said...

Hey, this was mentioned above but now that I have gone from 10.5.6 on my MSI Wind to 10.5.8 - I have lost my display hacks/settings so it knows/thinks that display is an MSI Wind LED and is forcing my settings to 800x600. You mentioned to reinstall the drivers and I'm not sure what you mean. I understand the words but which drivers would I reinstall and through what interface? A bios task or just in the OS directly. I have also lost VGA out ability which is the real issue. Thanks

Anonymous said...

very useful!!! thank you!!! Any idea how to update to 10.6?
thx again!!

Unknown said...

you can. If you read this post you'll see links you can follow to tell you how to do it.

Also that post has some gotchas to watch our for.