Monday, September 14, 2009

Vodafone 3g on OSX - now native Intel

Up to now, the Vodafone software for OSX has included PowerPC code ie not Universal Binary. This is an Activity Monitor snapshot

Step forward v3.04.06.00, which is now Universal, and even has a re-worked interface.

Download it from here

install and launch. It replaces the Vodafone folder, and all the PowerPC bits. But, this version does not work with 10.6 Snow Leopard.

It sports a new tabbed interface. The first tab shows the status of your network connections

the second tab allows managing your connections

the third has a very useful data useage summary

and the fourth tells you what devices are connected

I have just one complaint, other than the lack of Snow Leopard compatability..

Its uses a LOT of CPU, a real CPU hog!

Update: new version, Snow Leopard compatible, from the above link v3.04.07.00


Ferg said...

I am using version under Snow Leopard with no problems. down load from

Unknown said...

cool! Thanks for the update!

Unknown said...

now at 3.04.11