Saturday, January 9, 2010

please wait while windows configures symantec antivirus

Had this problem on a Windows box I have to admin.

The Symantec Anti-Virus Corp Edition was broken, and I'd followed the instructions from Symantec.

But, every time I did a right click I got "please wait while Windows Configures Symantec Antivirus" and after a bit "Gathering Required Information" and then it asked for a CD.

To fix this you can download the installer cleanup from Microsoft Ignore that it says for Office - works great for all installers!

Run the installer. It told me that a Symantec Install was stalled and asked if I wanted to undo it. So I did, and then installed the tool.

Run it, and scroll down to find Symantec, and click remove. Job done!


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Michael said...

I used the Symantec System Center Console on our server to reinstall the program on the problem machine and it immediately resolved this issue.