Monday, March 15, 2010

Using Amazon S3 Storage with a Mac OSX

Howto get started using Amazon S3 Storage with a Mac.

Go to and sign up

Soon an email will arrive

"Greetings from Amazon Web Services,
Thank you for creating an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.
See the AWS web site,, to learn more about other web services and AWS.
You can manage your account online by visiting
You need Access Identifiers to make valid web service requests. Please visit the Access Identifiers section of your account to obtain your identifier and to learn more:

Amazon Web Services
This message was produced and distributed by Amazon Web Services LLC, 1200 12th Avenue South, Seattle, Washington 98144-2734"

You need these to access the S3 data service.

Next you need to sign into the AWS console

When you do, you'll get prompted to create an EC2 account

"It looks like you don't have an EC2 account. To use the Amazon EC2 Console you must first sign up for Amazon EC2. It's quick and free to sign up. (If you just signed up, it can take a few minutes for your account to become active. Click here to see your account activity.)"

It says its free, but you need to supply a credit card.

Then get an S3 client, eg S3Hub from Next you need to create a 'bucket' which is a top level folder.

Bucket names need to be unique across S3, so do not expect names like 'images' will be available.

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