Sunday, September 12, 2010

NMBLOOKUP: Looking up IP address of SMB and NETBIOS names on OSX

How to Look up the IP address of SMB and NETBIOS names on OSX.

You know how it is. In your browse list you see a whole bunch of machines, and there's one you want to connect to by IP. On a windows machine you would just do

    ping machine

and it would call the local NETBIOS or WINS database.

No such luck on Macs. What you can do instead is to use NMBLOOKUP

    $ NMBLOOKUP machine
    querying machine on machine

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Howto: Sipgate Firefox extension: SipgateFFX Your login information is wrong

How to fix SipgateFFX: Your login information is wrong

The SipgateFFX is quite a cool addon. But it doesn't exactly give you a lot of feedback.

After some trial and error I discovered that if you have a regular individual account, you need to deselect 'I'm using sipgate team'.

Your username is your Sipgate website username, not your SIP ID, and the password is your Sipgate website password, not your SIP password.

If it is working, on web pages with phone numbers you should see some modifications. Doesn't work for phone numbers in gmail though.