Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Google Voice and Android / SIP / VOIP calls

If you've read my howto on getting Sipgate on Android using Sipdroid going now we can move to the next stage which is to make calls via the Google Voice web page.

Things you need:

- Google Voice account

- Sipgate.com account

- Sipdroid configured and working on your Android

Together this will allow you to make Google Voice calls (US only) through your Android using SIP / VOIP ie free.

First you need to go into your Google Voice settings

and then click

The window opens.

put in your Sipgate credentials, and call this phone something like oh I don't know, Sipgate

Click Save.

You'll get the verification dialog up

Take the call, put in the code, and you should be good to go

Just tick the account so phone calls go there

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