Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Howto Import csv calendar into iCal and Google Calendar

I was sent a schedule of activities in table format, on a web page. But I needed the schedule to be in Google Calendar.

First I copied the text off the web page, and pasted into Neo Office. I did some very basic tidying up, and the saved as CSV.

Then I converted using a tool called "iCalTextImport" from homepage.mac.com/penicuik/FileSharing15.html.

After following the instructions eg where to put the scripting folder, launch the app and open you CSV file. Then map the fields. This can be a bit trial and error

when ready click import file

and you'll get a new calendar in iCal.

Once its there you can export it to .ics format

and then import into Google Calendar

goto Calendar > Settings> Calendars and look for the import button

A note on timezones. The process assumes the dates/times are UTC because my CSV had no timezone information. When the .cs is imported by Google it adjusts for the timezone of the calendar you import it into.

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