Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Galaxy Tab - fun with screenshots

Acquired a Galaxy Tab ;-), and looking to update the wallpaper template.

Downloaded the new Android SDK (r8 as of late November 2010).

When I get DDMS going it has problems with the screen orientation.

More Galaxy Tab fun here.


Oxymoronical said...

Without changing any settings you can use the "Back Key" (return arrow at bottom).

While holding the back key simply press the power button.

You will hear the camera click and get a screen notice that the screenshot has been saved to your media.

Double check the resolution the first time you use it because it is a perfect screenshot for display on the Tab, but I'm unsure how it will display on the Internet.

Unknown said...

yep, thats true, but if you're doing a lot because its for a blog post, then this is easier.