Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab - pairing Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

Samsung have been kind enough to include a Bluetooth HID profile in the Galaxy Tab.

=== update === with the Galaxy S phone as well. Same instructions.

I've got 2 Bluetooth keyboards: an Apple and an iGo Stowaway. I used the Stowaway.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on the Galaxy Tab

  2. Go into Settings > Wireless and Network > Bluetooth Settings

  3. Make the Stowaway Discoverable:

    Press the Ctrl and Fn keys together until the green LED (above the key) flashes once per second.

  4. Press 'scan devices'

    and it should find your keyboard.

  5. Enter the numbers shown, by holding down the Blue (Left) Fn key and the appropriate keys. When you've done the 8 digits, with the Blue FN key held down press the Enter key. You MUST hold down the Blue FN key for the keycode to be accepted.

  6. And then you're paired

  7. So we'll start a App and do some typing!

    A really cool thing is that once you've got started, you can press the back button on the Galaxy Tab, and this removes the on-screen keyboard - more real estate.

  8. Next for a mouse. Go through the same stages to get to scanning for devices, make your mouse discoverable, on the Logitech bluetooth mouse I have you press the button on the bottom, and follow the on-screen instructions.

  9. This gives you a cursor, which you can move around, selecting and clicking just like a regular laptop.

    Left click selects or launches and App, and right click is like pressing the back button.


Oxymoronical said...
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Oxymoronical said...

I am going to try this soon. I am just getting up to speed on my Tab and have had Bluetooth problems with it, but I'm fighting other beasties with it for now. Thanks for the detailed write-up.

Secondarily, and feel free to edit or delete my post, How long did it take you to create this post? All those screenshots. I know about the Tab's internal screenshot capture. I suppose those could go to Picassa and then create an online PC blog post. Do you have a more elegant solution?

vet_slips at msn.com

Unknown said...

not long to do the screen shots. I connect the Galaxy Tab, to USB and use DDMS from the SDK. Takes only a few seconds.


donetus said...

Samsung released a Wifi version of their Tab so does it also support BT keyboard/mouse?

Unknown said...

if it still has Bluetooth, then yes you would be good to go.

Geoffrey Grigg said...

Bluetooth keyboard worked fine but mouse only connected once and cannot seem to reconnect even though Samsung Galaxy Tab says it's paired - it ain't connected!

Have tried all forms of on/off - make visible - new mouse batteries - and so forth.

Ever Changing said...

I just paired my tab with a motorola blue tooth so I can use it as a phone, and stream slacker or pandora through my car speakers. Everything paired fine, it works great as a phone, but pandora and slacker cut out every 45 seconds or so for about 2 seconds. Very annoying. Any ideas?

Unknown said...

sounds like maybe its a caching issue ie BT pulls X amount of data, it plays, runs aout, and fetches some more

thi said...

Please help ... I couldn't pair Samsung GT (WiFi only) with Apple wireless keyboard.
My Samsung GT could find the wireless keyboard, then ask me to enter PIN as --- to pair with "Apple Wireless Keyboard"(Try 0000 or 1234). When I input the number to my tablet, it return not connected.

Anonymous said...

This was incredibly helpful! Thanks!!

bjstring said...

I successfully paired my bluetooth keyboard with my galaxy tab, but when I'm typing something on the keyboard, a lot of the letters bring up a menu wanting me to pick among several sounds (like short "e". long "e", etc.) I either have to touch the galaxy's screen or press enter on the keyboard, thus choosing one of the choices, in order to get rid of the menu and continue typing. Any suggestions how I could keep the menu from appearing?

Anonymous said...

hello there, where are the foreign characters ?

Unknown said...

Can anyone tell me how to get the symbols to work correctly on my Samsung Galaxt Tab 3 10.1 and the Samsung BKB-10 bluetooth keyboard....
I keep getting different symbols to the ones that should appear ... e.g. when I want the back slash key using shift I get "&" and when I press & I get "^".

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Malta (EU)

Unknown said...

Does this work for the samsung
tab 3 7? Please respond