Saturday, March 19, 2011

Updating HTC Magic to Froyo 2.2

I was trying to update my HTC Magic / Sapphire 34B from 1.6 to Froyo 2.2 but got

"E: Error in /sdcard/ (Status 7) Installation aborted."

It turns out that my bootloader was too old at 1.33.0004. To confirm if this is the case, shutdown your phone, then restart by holding down the back button and on button together. It takes about 3 seconds and then you get the fastboot screen.

check bootloader version: if its 1.33.0004 then need to update. The picture above shows mine after updating.

It also tells you if you have 34A or 34B phones. Then press 'menu' to shut the phone down.

Next you need to get a later bootloader from

Copy this to the phone's SD card, and rename it to ''.

Then boot into recovery mode by holding down home and power until you get the warning triangle, which takes about 13 to 15 seconds on my phone. Then, press home and power again, and you should get the recovery console. Using the trackball move down to select 'apply', and then press the rollball to start things off.

It won't take long but there will be a couple of reboots. Eventually though you are returned to the phone and it'll be running the new boot loader.

Next get Froyo for the Magic from

and once again copy to the phone's SD card and rename to Once again boot to the recovery console (home + power for about 15 seconds), select 'apply', and then press the rollball to start things off.

Sit back and wait because it'll take a while, and possibly a few reboots. Eventually though you are returned to the phone and it'll be running Froyo

I have to say, its pretty nippy, and because the available memory is so small, you don't all the crapplications that some later phones are lumbered with. It does have a music player

Install MyTracks, Google Authenticator and Google Device Policy Management and you are good to go.


Neil said...

thank you, thank you - you are the only person I could find on the web providing a straightforward way of doing this - worked like a charm!

Unknown said...

Great simple instructions! I am in the midst of this on a HTC Magic(Ion) 32B. XDA is great but short on simple/straightforward.

I guess there was no problem updating the hboot (SPL) prior to the radio.

Also, I am on 1.5 and want to jump to 2.2. You know of any problems with that?

Thanks again. John

Rich Wilko said...

Can I just say this is a great article, I have had a number of issues with my HTC Magic and after taking it to my provider I received back the phone with 1.6 on. although 2.2.1 was not available over the wire I manually updated the andriod version. Thanks you very much

Unknown said...

You are most welcome!

Anonymous said...

My camera is not working its clsoing automatically when i try to ope..... i erased all data and reinstalled still have the same problem........... how can i make it work?

Anonymous said...

I can't download the link on my phone

Pankaj said...

When I trying to update the bootloader, I am getting error "Signature Verification Failed. Installation aborted". I am still on Android 1.5. Following are my phone details:
HBOOT-1.33.0010 (SAPP10000)
JUN 2 2009 17:28:28

Please help.


Anonymous said...

you need to download from and run it

Pankaj said...

Thanks for the reply. But when I try to run the RUU I get an error code:
The ROM Update Utility cannot update your Andriod phone.
Please get the correct ROM Update Utility and try again.

Please help

Leonard said...

BIG respect man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been tryin for ages to update my htc magic THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!