Saturday, April 23, 2011

MacBook Air Super Drive hack: other Macs can play.

MacBook Air Super Drive hack: other Macs can play!

Doh silly me for thinking it was only _intended_ for MacBook Airs, not _just_ for MBAs! And that it would work on regular computers. After trying it on 2 Macbook Pros, I even removed the drive and tried it in a MacBook Pro thats has PATA optical drive connection. Worked great. So I figured the bridge was not working, even though it shows as a device in System Profiler.

Huh. Well it seems Apple have fixed the firmware of the (PATA) IDE to USB bridge so it only works with Mac Airs.

tnkgrl in a post tells how various methods to overcome this didn't work, such as checking supplied voltage and kexts, and how a hardware hack was required.

If its of interest you can get the required IDE/USB bridge from

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