Monday, May 9, 2011

Howto: Transfer Photos from Android to OSX using Bluetooth

If you use the Gallery app on your Android, you have some handy sharing features such as sending pictures over Bluetooth.

Well, I was trying to push some photos from my Nexus S to my Macbook Pro, and even though they were paired, it was failing. After a few minutes I would get the warning

"Bluetooth audio failed. There was an error connecting to your headset. Make sure it is turned on and in range. The audio portion of the program you were using may have to be restarted"

which was a surprise since I don't have a bluetooth headset.

I tried to re-pair the Nexus and OSX, but no change. After some tests I thought maybe I needed to change bluetooth sharing

and now it works great.

Here's a photo to send

press on the screen to get the menus

press menu

and share

and Send via Bluetooth

choose where its going, and on your Mac accept

then on your Android it copies over

job done!


previouslysilentOld said...

the Astro file manager has a related Astro bluetooth OBEX/FTP package allowing you to push files to a target machine; you can also access files on the android device using the obex file browser on a computer (windows and linux work to my knowledge, OSX might too).

DoctorLes said...

Thanks for this tip. It worked like a charm after I first fussed in vain for an hour before finding this solution.

Bret Mosley said...

thank you! the Sharing preference setting is something everyone else missed in my search of various forums.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much..solved my problem!