Monday, August 15, 2011

Macs with AES-NI

Macs with AES-NI - green = yes, red = no. If your Mac is not on the list, then likely its no, as at 15 August 2011. Basically to have any chance you need Core i5 or i7.

With OSX 10.7 Lion having Full Desk Encryption (FileVault 2), and it being able to have hardware
acceleration from CPUs that have AES-NI, you need to ask which CPUs in Apple Macs have AES-NI. Also useful if you use TrueCrypt, which can use AES-NI. You can use TrueCrypt to share encrypted drives / partitions between Macs and Windows - very useful if you use your office for off-site backup of home data.

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Nathan Haug said...

I know for a fact that the MacMini Server (2.0 GHz I7-2635QM) does NOT have AES-NI enabled, regardless of what Intel says. There's a common issue with this processor not having AES-NI because it looks like the manufacturer has to enable it on the processor.

This article confirms the same thing for the 2.0 GHz MBP:

Unknown said...

huh, yes, strange, and if I'd got the quad-core Mini, very annoying!

This Intel page says is does has AES-NI

Unknown said...

I also see that the 13" MBP 2011 is advertised on EveryMac as having i5-2415M, but on Anandtech as i5-2410M. Its really quite confusing - this is the Intel comparison page for them,52224

Anonymous said...

The MacBook Pro Core i7 2.0 15 Early 2011 did not have AES-NI enabled until EFI firmware version 2.2:

There's also a firmware update for the Mac Mini, released on the same day:

it probably enables AES-NI, but I don't have a Mac Mini to test.

Anonymous said...

My mac mini mid 2011 CPU i5-2415M -> AES supported. Test it in TrueCript benchmark, Geekbench3, MacCPUID&.