Sunday, October 23, 2011

Combine Google Maps and Picasa / Picasaweb

Previously I've given instructions on how to combine a Picasaweb photo album with a GPS track. Well for some reason that no longer works. What you can do now is:
  1. Get the GPSx file from your GPS logger and then use a converter such as GPSBabel to convert to KML. Or, in the case of MyTracks on Android which is what I use, you can just re-export to KML. Call this gpslog.kml or some such.
  2. Tag your photos.
  3. Upload GPS-tagged photos to Picasaweb just like always.
  4. Download the file for viewing in Google Earth, except we won't view in Google Earth. You need to add the .kml to this file. Call it photomap.kml or some such.

  5. Switch to Google Maps, and select MyPlaces

  6. Click "Create Map"

  7. Click "Import" and then upload your KML file from Picasaweb ie photomap.kml.

  8. You'll find some junk in the description section, which you can delete and put in your own description
  9. Click "Import" again.

  10. This time upload the GPS track from your logger ie gpslog.kml.
  11. After a few moments processing, the track will overlay with the photos
  12. Click "done" and set sharing options.


previouslysilentOld said...

I have often felt that google maps, contacts and picasa should have better integration.

There should be a "my contacts" overlay in gmaps as well as "my photos".

It should be possible to find an address in gmaps and add to contacts

It should be possible to jump between Google goggles too and identify places then create/update contacts

It should be possible to jump from Picasa photos to the contact and map and goggles

Some of this is possible as you have found but needs manual intervention.

previouslysilentOld said...

PS whatever happened to "panoramio"?

Unknown said...

Agree it would be better if, say, Picasa desktop app handled it. Doesn't seem that hard to apply a GPX file from MyTracks or even one you uploaded to MyPlaces direct from MyTracks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this!

Currently (14th Nov, 2011), the 'view map' button loads an empty screen in picasa web albums.

Using the ideas here at least gives me a full screen map at last!

Interestingly I can see others who are getting the same blank screen from the 'view map' button but cannot see an official response. It's especially odd since the minimap works fine, the images locations show perfectly in the miniature google maps, just not the full screen.

Unknown said...

Not sure whats happening for you, but right now it works fine for me: loads as expected

Unknown said...

Just the help I needed. Thank you.

Now to the next problem. How does one see the full picture?
Whenever I click on a picture I have added, a pop-up box appears with a partial view of the picture.

Also, I now have other pics added by google that I don't want on my map.