Friday, October 28, 2011

Using TrueCrypt on OSX as a non-Administrator

As you know, its not a good idea to be logged in with an account that is an administrator on OSX.

This gives you a problem with TrueCrypt if you use the encrypted device method, because you can't put in your admin credentials because you don't have any.

What you need to do is to switch user accounts, and launch TrueCrypt as an admin. Start terminal and type:

    su adminaccount

Then TrueCrypt will behave just like you launched as the admin, remember when you select device to put in the admin account's password.

The terminal session will stay showing that you launched TrueCrypt, which is fine. It'll stay that way until you quit TrueCrypt.

Update: much better way

    su -c "/Applications/ &"
(line might be wrapped)

This will ask for the root/admin users password, launch TrueCrypt, and then put in the background, ie you get your terminal session back right away


previouslysilentOld said...

why not use the -c option

su adminuser -c mytruecryptcommand

then you could script it and make it a point-and-click operation.

Unknown said...


su root_account -c "/Applications/ &"

Then it launches into the background, returning the Terminal

Unknown said...

or, make a GUI capable operation.

Get Pseudo from and use it to create a launch document for TrueCrypt, called, sat TC_root.

Then create an AppleScript with the following content:

tell application "Pseudo"
open file "MacDrive:Users:username:documents:TC_Root.pseudo"
end tell

save this as a script, and a application, substituting your username.

Then you can run the script.