Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Android native SIP / VOIP client

If you have an Android and it runs 2.3.x then you have a native SIP / VOIP client. To set it up, in this case I'm using Pennytel, an Australian VOIP provider, start by going to Settings and then Call Settings.

The following screenshots are from my Nexus 1, its the same on my Nexus S.

Press 'accounts'

and the 'Add account'

and then add your credentials

name and password will be your VOIP name and password, not your account password. The server is 'sip.pennytel.com'.

Press the back button and the account is saved.

When this is done select your calling options by pressing 'Use Internet Calling' and select

    For all calls
    Only for Internet calls

    Ask for each call.

When you want to place a call you get the option you asked for.

You can tick the box to "Receive Incoming Calls" which works pretty well, though does drain your battery.


previouslysilentOld said...

I use this for outgoing calls only, I use csipsimple for incoming as it gives me more control.

Dreatori Alexis said...

Thanks for sharing this new application. I would really want to have this on our company. The number of iPhone users are really increasing in our office.
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