Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Android phone wrong restore

When switching from my old Nexus S (old, huh) to my Galaxy Nexus, the restore didn't work correctly for some reason - basically none of my Apps auto-restored. I tried installing an App from the Market, but that actually made things worse, which I found out when I did further factory restores.

The reason is that the initial sync didn't happen correctly, so G-N didn't know about the backup sets, so when I installed an App it created a new set. Doing a factory restore then only restored from the wrong restore.

The way out of this is to use the SDK bmgr tool to choose the backup set from the Nexus S to restore.

  1. First install the SDK, which you can get from
  2. Then you need install the platform tools to get ADB.
  3. Put your phone into Developer Mode

    In Ice Cream Sandwich its moved to Settings - Developer options

  4. Connect the phone by USB and then run

    Applications/android-sdk-macosx/platform-tools/adb shell bmgr list sets

    (text may wrap)

    374a7d88a08e82f5 : crespo

    30bba37bbaeabc40 : maguro

    crespo refers to Nexus S backup set
    maguro refers to Galaxy Nexus
  5. So what I did was to restore 'crespo' over the top of 'maguro'
    Applications/android-sdk-macosx/platform-tools/adb shell bmgr restore 374a7d88a08e82f5

    (text may wrap)

    This is safe because its not a root level restore, we're not flashing the ROM. However use at your own risk.
Then leave the device for a few minutes, and your Apps will start to appear.

Its not a root restore so you don't get data or settings. The thing that took the time for me was swapping my five Authenticator accounts over.

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