Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting started with ChromeOS policy part 2

Part one dealt with some basics, and I hadn't worked out how to automatically push Extensions to the users.

Now I have. First go to the Settings section of the cpanel.

Scroll down to Extensions to Pre-install.

Each extension that you want to pre-install has the format

    Extension;extension path

The extension path is the same or every extension.

So to install the Gmail Checker Extension, you put

For Evernote it would be


And Flashblock


Putting it all together you join them using a comma:

mihcahmgecmbnbcchbopgniflfhgnkff;, lbfehkoinhhcknnbdgnnmjhiladcgbol;, gofhjkjmkpinhpoiabjplobcaignabnl;,

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