Monday, December 12, 2011

Google Docs replacement for Google notebook - Scratchpad

Google Notebook was a mainstay for some years. Quick to load, easy to search. But deprecated.

If you use Chrome (OS or Browser) there is a great replacement from Google, scratchpad. Go to the webstore at
and install it. Its an App, not an Extension, so it shows when you create a new blank tab, not in Tools / Extensions.

After installing, create a new tab and click on Scratchpad. On first launch you need to give permission to access your data. It opens a small pop up window with some bare-bones editing tools, which is all you need for quick notes.

Nicely it even works offline, will sync up when back online, and because the local cache on ChromeOS is encrypted is nice and safe as well should you lose the device.

To find your notes, Scratchpad creates a new folder in your Docslist called "Scratchpad" (who'da thought it?) and each note is separate inside. Since they are just Google Docs many of the collaborative aspects like sharing are available.

You can even use ChromeOS policies to push Scratchpad to all your users.


previouslysilentOld said...

I like the android app springpad, and the web service behind it at

I just checked and its available for lesser iDevices :-P

it's much more than a notepad replacement, but if you use it purely as an on/offline/sync'ing notepad it excells.

Anonymous said...

does look interesting. I always find myself wondering where one's data lives, and who has control of it.

With storage in GDocs, you know there are government certifications and audited access controls in place.