Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Found This Useful is now on Google Currents

Getting nearly 1000 hits a day, most of which are new visitors, must mean folks do read this blog, and the lessons I've learned that you don't have to.

Google have a new reader / mobile app for both iOS and Android (phones and tablets) out called Google Currents, which is available to folks whose IP geo-locates to the US. Since most of my readers are in the US, I thought it was worth a little experiment, and create a Current for this Blog.

What you need to do is get Currents from, or the Apple App store, and then using your regular mobile device browser, come to this blog, and click on the link below:

You'll be asked if you want to open in Currents or Browser, so select Currents

you'll see it working away subscribing you

and here you are


previouslysilentOld said...
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previouslysilentOld said...

It's interesting that Google use geoIP to control access to the app.

I can use "market enabler" and download and install Google Music which I can't do normally from the UK with a Hutchison Three SBM installed.

I am thus worried that Google are starting to use more blocking techniques.