Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fun in 3D: Samsung 3D TV and 3D Photos using the PlayStation 3

As we know, the PS3 can display MPO files with the PS3 3.70 firmware update.

However, actually getting the PS3 to display the MPO files was not as easy as it should have been.

  1. via DNLA box - nope, the the PS3 simply didn't see the MPO files

  2. MPO files on a USB stick. Nope. I tried reformatting the stick, no go.
  3. Then I tried the web browser, not obvious I know.
    Turn on the built in Mac OSX web server, in sharing - web sharing

    Navigate to ~/Sites and rename "
    index.html" to "index.html.old". This will cause the web server to show the files and folders in the web servers home folder. After you get this going you can always rename it back, or create a mini web site
    Create a folder in the Sites folder called "3D", and put the sample .PMO files in there

    Using the PS3's web browser go to the IP of your Mac and apply the "~/user" at the end , eg

    Then click on the "3D" link, and I see my MPO files. Select one and it loads! I can then save it to the HD and I can then view them using the Gallery application.

I'll try reformatting the USB stick on an actual PC to see if there is a problem with how the Mac formats it.

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