Sunday, January 8, 2012

Howto: VNC full screen on OSX Snow Leopard using Chicken of the VNC

In Apple OSX 10.5 Leopard there were some hacks to allow ScreenSharing to have more options, specifically a Bonjour Browser and fit to window. Basically they used Apple Remote Desktop.

In 10.6 Snow Leopard these options are gone.

Why do I need VNC? Well I have a single PPC only application that I cannot get rid of yet. I considered running 10.6 under VirtualBox but of course this is not allowed by the licence, and it seems it also has performance issues.

I used CotVNC back in the day, before Apple's own Screen Sharing became useable. I'm back on CotVNC Chicken (successor to CotVNC) now because I can full screen VNC into a machine running 10.6.

So thats my problem solved: I leave one machine on SnowLeopard and use VNC in full screen mode. No need to upgrade at $$$.

One very minor nit: the keyboard commands to go full screen / windowed on the current beta aren't sticky. But thats very minor.

If you do use CotVNC instead of ScreenSharing don't forget you need to put a VNC password into the ScreenSharing Preference pane on the host machine.

Update: Mikael corrects me that Chicken of the VNC is now more, now superseded by Chicken, and its Chicken that gives me VNC fullscreen capability..


Mikael said...

CotVNC isn't maintained but Chicken is,

or use the built-in VNC and access it with

Both free, current and better than CotVNC



Unknown said...

Thanks for correcting me. I'll check out the ScreenSharingMenulet