Monday, January 9, 2012

OSX Lion - the missing Apps

With the release of OSX Lion, Apple left out some things from Snow Leopard that folks really like. So far I've found 4:

  1. Front Row

    Good news here is that you can copy what you need from a SnowLeopard install.

    Get Front Row from /applications, and the following files install into the same place on Lion. Probably need to do a restart.

  2. iSync

    Again, good news, you can copy over iSync:

  3. Java

    You need to download Java from Apple, assuming you need it.
  4. Rosetta

    Well, bad news. No can do. Rosetta has gone the way of the ancient Egyptians... dead.

    The realistic (supported) alternative is to look to run SnowLeopard in a dual boot environment, or keep a machine on Snow Leopard and use VNS / ScreenShare to it. Here's how.

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