Sunday, January 22, 2012

ST-99 Bluetooth Headphones review

I don't do many reviews, so here's an exception: ST-99 Bluetooth Headset review.

Picked up one very cheap at about $15 to try with my iPhone, iPad and various Android devices.

The good:

    very good audio quality
    all features work with my Galaxy Nexus ie calling, answering, next track, volume
    easy to pair with iOS devices, not quite so easy with Android Ice Cream Sandwich
    very good battery life, and uses standard mini-USB charging port

The OK:

    to pair with my Galaxy Nexus I had to make the GN discoverable, which wasn't immediately obvious
    on occasion the audio stream pauses on my GN, for some reason while I'm walking. If the phone is in my pocket, then it can only be 3 feet mac from the BT99s, so don't know why this should be

    with my iphone 3GS and Bluetooth tethering the audio pauses now and then, I reckon this is more the fault of the iPhone than the BT99s though

The brilliant:

    Yes, its not really a feature of the headphones, but the combination of the BT99s with my iPad and the iOS TED app is simply fabulous!


Bluetooth / Mobile Accessories said...

I think bluetooth headset are great for joggers. Since it bluetooth is wireless, it will not cause any hassle when they jog.

Ikuti Hari said...

I have one and work very well, very easy connect with my galaxy Nexus, the pairing is smooth , just hold the power until flashing blue and red color