Tuesday, February 7, 2012

OSX Lion: Returning Preview to Snow Leopard functionality

OSX Lion: Returning Preview to Snow Leopard functionality.

If like me you use Preview all the time to view photos, and occasionally do some minor editing eg cropping, then OSX Lion's lack of 'save as' is really annoying.

Fortunately you can copy over Snow Leopard's version. Copy these two items from Snow Leopard


Then rename Preview to something else eg SL_Preview and copy it into the Applications folder on the Lion install. The framework folder goes into the same location.

Then, find some files you would want to open in the old Preview, and do right-click or ctrl-click "open with" "other" and select the old Preview, and tick 'always open with'.

If, on the occasion you still use the new Lion flavoured version of Preview, you can also add a keyboard shortcut to Export:

Lion version

Snow Leopard version

Goto to System Preferences, Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts, and then select Application Shortcuts. You can then press the '+' button and add a new one. The text must be IDENTICAL for it to work ie 'Export...'

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