Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Missing MacOS System 7 thro 9 fonts

After my previous adventures with OS9 fonts, I wanted to find the missing fonts from System 7.

Turns out that Apple keep all their old system software, and I found it via

Here's the link. Just download. Even though the files are of the format and file type xyz.smi.bin they still open, even on Snow Leopard.

Double click the .bin file and it decompresses to the .smi

Then double click the .smi and it loads just like a regular disk image

Inside the image is the system images that you needed to create to re-install OS7. Yep all five of them totalling about 5MB!
 And then, inside the fonts image are the System 7 fonts

I dragged them into the correct folder in the Classic System Folder, and here are all those fonts

BTW here's OS9 loading... such a blast from the past!

Astonishing to my 2012 mind that the entire OS (System 7) can fit into 5MB.

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Anonymous said...

Could you please post a download link to the fonts? I'm not able to extract the fonts.image file I downloaded. Thanks.