Sunday, May 20, 2012

Picasaweb - reverting to the Picasa view not the Plus view

You'll notice that a recent change in the Picasaweb / Google Plus interaction is that Picasaweb albums and photos now redirect to their Plus equivalents. You might not like that because, for example, the geolocation information is missing, and also the thumbnails are much bigger.

The answer is to take the old picasaweb URL and add a "?noredirect=1" to it, for example, instead of

which gets you


this instead, which gets you

If you want to send all your albums then send a URL such as

where you replace the "104721696289765922296" with your own ID.

1 comment:

Stan Bush said...

Thanks.. but it's really not worth it to have to do this just to look at an album.