Friday, July 6, 2012

Howto Connect to Mac OSX Client VPN from iPad

Howto connect to Mac OSX Client VPN from iPad.

Mac OSX Server has the VPN GUI, but what if you have the client / desktop version of Lion or Snow Leopard.

Fortunately, help is at hand, from, where there ther is an app called vpn-activator.

Download, drop it into the Applications folder, put in some details, and click 'start'. Easy as.

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You'll need to setup your firewall / NAT device to forward UDP ports 500, 1701 and 4500 to the machine you want to connect to:

Also, if the VPN server has Little Snitch or other local traffic blocker, you'll need to allow RACOON service to connect to the Internet.


Alan Wade said...

Not each VPN supplier offers services for a mackintosh software system. This can be why you've got to pay lots of your time observing every VPN. You will notice an honest VPN supplier, however if it doesn't provide a association to mackintosh package, then it's useless. The software system is simply totally different than the favored Windows package and needs to be connected otherwise to the VPN. Obtaining a Mac VPN can secure any of your net traffic and still give you all the services you'd get with the other laptop operational systems, however is ready up otherwise. This can be why finding the right VPN is such a challenge.

jameshouston135 said...

There are 2 completely different approaches to connecting your tiny business’ iPad tablet to computers running Mac OS X. the primary is normal synchronization with the dock connection that came along with your iPad. This methodology permits you to synchronize content between your pc and your iPad employing a program like iTunes. The second methodology involves your ipad to access and management your pc wireless. this is often achieved using remote desktop applications and might be a handy association methodology if you’re out of city on business